Judgement Day

Christ will return to earth to judge the living and the dead one final time. A Daughter of Light will bear him. You will know her. A Daughter of Darkness will oppose her. You will not, for she hides in shadow. 

Since God first spoke to the Prophet, Father Michaels, the church of Blackwater has performed an annual ritual in an attempt to catalyse the prophesied Last Day of Judgement. 
For decades they’ve failed. 
But when God appears again to Father Michaels, he knows something is different this Easter. 
Judgement Day is coming.
When Jess finds herself subject to the ritual, a group of social outcasts, haunted by last Easter, unite to save her from the same fate. 
But Judgement Day is coming for them all. 


Diagnosis: A Short Story

A pharmacist views her patients through the lens of their illnesses. 

Haunted Ltd.

Conrad is an estate agent who specialises in Murder Houses. But as he tries desperately to piece his life back together and sell the property on which it relies, he discovers there is something different about this house. Something that will haunt him forever.

Haunted Ltd. is the debut novella from Martin Hyde. It is available here as an ebook from Amazon.   

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